Get your skis or your snowboard professionally serviced by our qualified and experienced staff. We use professional ski servicing equipment to make sure your skis or snowboard get the perfect tuning – professional, prompt and at a reasonable price!

With our new service machines we can offer one of the most modern ski service centers in Tyrol from the wintersaison 2016/17. Get the professional ski and snowboard service within 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy your days on the mountains.

How often should you service your equipment?
It depends on the snow conditions, the slopes and your level of proficiency how often you should get your equipment serviced. Greater damages to the edges or the running surface should be repaired immediately. For the rest we recommend getting a service:
at the beginning of the season
to remove rust from the edges and prepare the running surface for the snow conditions,

if you detect a damage at the running surface
especially if the ski or snowboard doesn’t run smoothly anymore or loses grip on ice,

and at the end of the season
to prepare your skis or snowboard for a longer storage during the summer and prevent corrosion by applying an extra layer of wax.

Prices 2015/2016


  • Clean and dry the base and the edges after each day.

  • Use hot wax to protect the surface.

  • Repair damages immediately.

  • Store your skis and boards in a cool and dry place.

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