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Our experienced and qualified staff helps you find the perfect sports equipment and provides you with the best possible ski and snowboard service. Thanks to the latest technology, we can guarantee you a fast & uncomplicated service at a top price. That way you can return to the slopes in no time and you & your sports gear are prepared for another day full of adventures.

When and how often do I need a service?

How often your equipment needs to be serviced, depends on the snow conditions, the slope and your level of proficiency. Greater damages on the ski base or the edges should be serviced instantly.

Before your first-time use in winter

To get rid of possible rust on the edges and to prepare the ski base for the first contact with snow in winter, we recommend getting your equipment serviced.

When the material is damaged

Look after your sports equipment. If you notice that you skis or snowboard do not properly glide anymore, if you lose grip on ice or if the base is damaged, we recommend getting a service.

At the end of the season

At the end of the season, we recommend getting your skis or snowboard serviced to renew the wax layer. This way you can protect your sports equipment from corrosion over the summer.

Care tips

For longlasting ski & snowboard equipment

Regular cleaning

Clean & dry the base and the edges after each day on the slopes.

Hot wax

Use hot wax to protect the base.


Greater damages should be repaired instantly.


Stow away your skis and your board at a cool and dry place.

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